Honors and Awards     

Research from our laboratory has been recognized by a range of external organizations for its innovation. Some of our honors include:

Featured Speaker: New Scientist Live (Sept 2017)

Dr Vaidynathan has been invited to present our cybernetics research at the New Scientist Live Festival (30,000 attendes) in Sept 2017 


Winner: UK Institute of Engineering Technology (IET) Award (June 2016)

Biomechatroncis PhD student Paolo Angeles was awarded the “Most Promising Innovation in Robotics” by the UK IET


Finalist: UK Big Chip Digital Industry Award   (June 2016)

Biomechatronics student Charles Burr led a team that was a finalist for the Most Innovative Application of Technology in the Big Chip Digital Industry awards 


Winner:  Gadget of the Month, Wearable Technologies Magazine (March 2016)

Our work with Athletec Inc on the Corner Smart Boxing System was awarded gadget of the month by Wearable Technologies Magazine


Winner: UK National Health Service Innovation Challenge  (Jan 2016)

Our collaborative project "Innovations for self-rehabilitation and monitoring of arm disability” with Dr Paul Bentlely (MD) and Professor Etienne Burdet at Imperial College was recognized with the UK National Health Service Innovation Challenge Award 


Finalist: Best Student Paper (May 2015)

Biomechatronics student Richard Woodward was a finalist for "Best Student Paper" at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Based Medical Systems (CBMS),  for his work "“Pervasive motion tracking and muscle activty monitor” in New York, USA


SAGE Best Paper Award  (May 2013)

Our paper, "Reflexive vehicle control based on a neural model of the cockroach escape reflex” was awarded “Best Paper” in the Journal of System and Control Engineering (SAGE Publishers)


Winner: Frazer-Nash Consultancy Prize  (May 2011,12)

Aspects of our system optimization research was twice recognized with UK industrial consultancy awards


Winner: N-Power Energy Challenge  (June 2010)

A team of our students won  first prize in the N-Power Energy Challenge.  They were invited to present their work at the UK Parliament 


Finalist: Best Paper in Conference (Nov 2008)

Our paper “Design and Testing of an Autonomous Robot in a Beach Environment” was a finalist for "Best Paper" at the IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Automation & Robotics, San Francisco, USA


New Technology Foundation Award on Robots and Systems  (Oct 2007)

Our paper, “Human Medical Assist based on Aural Flow”; was selected as one of the 10 most innovative papers from IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) over the 20 year period of 1987-2007


Best Paper: IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)   (Aug 2005)

Our paper:“Human-Machine Interface for Tele-Robotic Operation Based on Aural Flow Monitoring” was awarded Best Paper at IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) in Sendai, Japan


Hyper Human Tech Outstanding Research Award  (Oct 2004)

Our human-robot interface research was recognized with this award spnsored by Hyper Human Tech, Ltd., Japan (selection by the Robotics Society of Japan and IEEE Robotics & Automation Society)